• AEC Project Collaboration

    GTeam is an innovative platform for improving AEC team collaboration, file sharing and communication. Reach consensus faster, make better decisions, and improve project delivery.

  • 3D Models Online

    Access, synchronize and share 3D models online using only a web browser.
    Original 3D authoring application not required.

  • Trusted Source

    GTeam gives team members access to historical document versions, communication history and BIM information. Now everyone is on the same page.

AEC Collaboration Redefined

GTeam is the easiest platform for teams to collaborate and share documents, files and 3D building information online. Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, consultants, and owners use GTeam to reach consensus faster, reduce change orders, save time, get more work and reduce project costs.

What Customers Are Saying About GTeam

"The GTeam platform delivers on our online project collaboration needs and is much easier to use than all other solutions."

- Greg SchleusnerFirmwide BIM Manager

"There are large gains in efficiency with GTeam and the product pays off with one online project. Jobs can be won as owners, architects, engineers, and contractors are now included in the real-time communication."

- John HallgarthVDC Engineer

"We are having tremendous success using GTeam on our projects. It really does open up a whole new aspect to team collaboration."

- Tim PorterBIM Manager