Solutions for
AEC Professionals

GTeam is purpose-built for the AEC industry to provide a robust collaboration platform that delivers an easy-to-use experience to architects, designers, engineers, contractors, consultants, and building owners.

AEC project teams use GTeam to reach consensus faster, reduce change orders, save time, get more work, and reduce project costs. Owners with one or many buildings under management can also use GTeam as a centralized BIM data storage platform to easily identify, consolidate, and organize as-built documents of all existing and future buildings.

"UNStudio is very excited to finally have a platform like GTeam
and we are actively using the system to collaborate more effectively
with our global design and construction partners."

  - Ben van Berkel

Co-Founder and Principal Architect



GTeam is the ideal 3D collaboration platform…

For Architects & Designers

- Easily share files and 3D models with clients, consultants, and teams
- Browse past and current CAD/BIM data visually without expensive tools
- Backup, synchronize and access most recent file versions
- Store files in secure location that's readily accessible
- Bridge the communication gap between different office locations

For Engineers

- Communicate more effectively with colleagues and partners
- Mash-up 3D models on the fly, without CAD tools
- Store your important files and 3D data information securely
- Access data globally and ensure teams are up-to-date
- Generate reports on BIM data through the web

For Construction Professionals

- Gain competitive advantage with BIM viewing on the web
- Leverage GTeam as a value-added service to your customers
- Quickly access your subcontractor's files, without a CAD tool
- Easily work with multiple 3D model types for holistic project view
- Simply share 3D models and project data for bid

For Owners

- Centralize the BIM data of all your digital assets
- Eliminate costly change orders that impact project delivery
- Ensure all members of the building process use the most relevant data
- Audit and report on all past and present project data and activity
- Manage legacy BIM data without CAD tools