Store, Collaborate,
Track, Access.

GTeam is a new way for architecture, engineering and construction teams to collaborate and share project and 3D design information. GTeam is a centralized web-based platform that helps architects, designers, engineers, contractors, consultants, and owners easily collaborate, synchronize and share files from anywhere.

"When it comes to file sharing in GTeam, imagine Dropbox souped up with the security and navigation you have wished for."

With GTeam as a central platform, project teams can reduce errors, save time, reduce change orders, reach consensus faster, get historical information and reduce project administrative costs. Today, GTeam is trusted for use on some of the largest construction projects in the world.

What GTeam can do for you:

  • Dramatically increase project team collaboration and productivity.

    GTeam increases team productivity by making project files available from anywhere. Everyone on the team can now participate, including architects, consultants, engineers, subcontractors, fabricators, engineers, designers and others – no matter where they are. Teams can make faster decisions and reach consensus faster.

  • Get a single, detailed view into project events and history.

    GTeam gives a historical view of file changes, making auditing easier and faster. GTeam provides greater transparency, insight, and accountability by centralizing all project team communication. No more scattered information in email, FTP, various computers & multiple offices.

  • Share 3D models without the native authoring application.

    GTeam automatically converts 3D files (Revit, AutoCAD, Digital Project, Rhino, SketchUp, etc) to a common format so it reduces the time spent tediously changing 3D files to other formats. More people can collaborate on a project and easily work with consultants and subcontractors who are using different 3D design tools. You no longer need as many authoring tool licenses for simply viewing and collaborating on models.

  • Gives you the power of the cloud.

    GTeam is a cloud-based SaaS technology so you get on-demand access immediately. There is no hardware to buy or configure, no setup required, and no internal IT resources are needed. Companies also get painless upgrades. It works on any operating system, even mobile devices, through a standard web browser.

GTeam is an easy, unified platform that was purpose-built for Building Information Modeling (BIM). It improves collaboration &
decision-making for the entire project team. Project managers can be confident that teams are on the same page.